One of my favorite parts of the process is learning as much as I can about the client, their business, and goals. This thorough understanding is the foundation of a successful project.

All of my design projects begin with an interview and a questionnaire. After this initial information-gathering step, I draft the contract. Once the contract is approved, the project begins with concept sketches. To learn more visit the process page.


The combination of hand lettering and illustration is a form of story-telling.

My work starts with a line — well lots of lines — to start off concepts. After a lot of really bad sketches, some decent ones emerge. From these, a few are presented to the client to find a direction. With a clear path ahead, more polished drawings are created and presented for consideration and approval. Then, the artwork is either finished on the computer or, sometimes, transferred to a wood block to carve — then finish on the computer (e.g. Wild Hare Hard Cider). Below is a sampling of logos combining hand lettering and illustration. In addition to logos, this combination of letters and pictures is used for music packaging and a host of other print design products. To see more work, visit the portfolio page.


I couldn’t do this without my incredible clients.

I have the pleasure of working with so many amazing entrepreneurs who enrich the world in which we live. From farmers providing food to feed our families, to winemakers and brewers using the bounty that the farmers produce, to filmmakers making a positive impact with their stories. To learn more about some of the businesses, visit the Case Studies pages!

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Do you have a project that you would like me to illustrate and design? Call or write today.

I love working with clients who enjoy the collaborative process! From over 25 years of experience, I know that the best and the most beautiful solutions are made possible through teamwork.


Please contact me for your upcoming projects.

The Process page includes a very general outline of the steps involved to produce projects here. However, each project is different and the work agreement that is prepared for you will include the steps involved for your particular project, as well as a targeted production schedule, delivery date, estimate and terms. The very first step in all cases is a phone call! I look forward to hearing from you if you decide you’d like to work with me.